Monday, September 17, 2012


I really like living in a neighborhood where I can see my neighbors house lights and see their children playing.  Especially in my current neighborhood, no one has fences, the children run from one place to another.  I like it, it seems like a park where everyone plays.(My son and brother hate it.) I like being close to town, and places where there are sidewalks to walk on.  But sometimes, I think a little house in the country on a small parcel of land with a path leading to the back like the one above would be nice....with a little garden shed out back....trees all around.....a place for a cat to roam.....places for my grandchildren to explore.  My friend Bonnie has a place like that,down a little country lane.  My other friend Lora has one too, her's off a side country road.  Perhaps I could find a place like that to retire.