Thursday, August 2, 2012

60's to the 70's?

 I remember in the 60's our kitchen having these aqua colors....our living room furniture was brown.  Back then, decorating was not the "THING" to do, people were just happy to be getting by with jobs, starting families and moving to the "burbs." Then when the 70's came along....
The colors started into the oranges, gold and green.....remember (those of you who are old enough) the harvest gold and green appliances?  When my husband and I bought our first house in the early 80's, it still had orange counter tops and carpet from the 70's. I think it even had a harvest gold stove.  I hope we don't go back to those colors, I may have to be stuck in a 2012 time warp with aqua and cream because I did EVERYTHING possible to get rid of  that orange back then. (Just between you and me and blog land, I decided not to sweep or clean up spills on the orange kitchen carpet in hopes it would get so bad that we would have to replace it....however, after a few weeks I couldn't stand it and had to vacuum! We had it 8 years...yes 8!  I still remember how happy I was to get wood floors!