Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here is my finished SNICKERDOODLE quilt.  The pattern is Cotton Way, find it here! The fabric is Bonnie and Camille's (they are the Cotton Way and Thimble Blossom ladies from Moda.)  This is their newest fabric, Vintage Modern. I said in my other post that I put their flannel on the back...........OH MY GOODNESS, it is INCREDIBLE!!  You must get some.  I waited until it was on sale and I am not sorry!  Not too heavy, but OH SO SOFT!!


Allie said...

That is so darling!!! I wish I could feel it. I felt the same way about some fabric I had from Prints Charming - my GOSH was it soft.

Maggie Mae said...

This is such a yummy color! You did a beautiful job!

Bonnie said...

Your quilt looks adorable! I love the flannel too, you just don't realize how soft it is until you feel it and it is softer than any flannel I have ever had! Hope you are doing well. The wedding pictures look great. You look so young. What's your secret?