Monday, February 13, 2012


A few years ago I bought a large artist's sketch book, 11x 14.  It is huge and has a lot of pages.  I think I blogged about it years ago.  I keep pictures from magazines in it that I like.  I started doing some art journaling....doodling in it and now I don't like it as much. So I am going to refine some of the doodling.  I may even color copy some of the pages and re-do them.  The next art journal  I am working on  is mostly collage.
My friend Teresa asked me about art journaling.  Here is the link to my previous post from a year or two.  It really is just cutting "stuff" up, pasting it someplace, and doodling around it and making an ARTFUL mess on paper to keep your brain occupied.  


Allie said...

That looks fun, I think I need a notebook!

Noodle said...

Have you seen Zentangling? If not, look it up on Youtube. It would be a wonderful way to add to your journal!
I love your artful journaling, btw. Just up my alley!