Monday, December 12, 2011


It is an interesting time of Christmas when you are all alone without children or grandchildren for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, although our children and grandchildren are coming the day after. In trying to make for a Christmas feeling, I decided to make us new Christmas stockings....bigger than the last ones!

This year we are filling stockings for each other....the rule is, everything must (should) fit in the stocking. We are going to watch Christmas movies, eat junk and perhaps invite friends over Christmas Eve....Christmas day, we will go to church and celebrate the Saviour's birth. I hope your Christmas is memorable.

EDIT: Sorry, this is a combination of two patterns and some ideas of my own.


sand said...

Your stockings are the prettiest and cutest I've seen in years and years. Do you have a patten for them I'd love to make them. Debbie

Allie said...

Those are absolutely darling, Sheri!

Sheri Howard said...

Thanks Dabbie, sorry, this is not a pattern. I made it from 2 and added whatever I wanted.