Thursday, July 21, 2011


Years ago a friend of mine was ironing his shirt and used the square end of the ironing board. I have remembered it before, but never took the time to try it....until the other day. The shirt fits so nice on the square end, making it so much easier to iron.....I don't know why it took me 20+ years to try it.

Then the entire front fits there too, taking less time to iron. And since I do like to iron, I buy my husband 100% cotton shirts, I love how they look all nice and crisp after ironing. Now I know there are MANY who do not like to iron....that is why polyester was invented and wrinkle-free shirts.....God bless wrinkle-free shirts.

I kept my ironing board turned this way and I found there is more surface space to iron on when I am sewing...and appliqueing. This is a 15" block....and it fits almost perfect. Who knew? I am probably the only person left to use the square end of my ironing board....good thing I figured it out.