Thursday, April 28, 2011


Does anyone else have this problem with packaging? You can hardly get inside to the product you purchased! Look how many pieces off packaging I had to go through to get my "very small" ink cartridge! Recently I bought a flat iron for my hair and after I cut through the tough plastic I still couldn't get to the flat iron.....I almost had to mutilate the thing.....GOOD GRIEF!


Staci said...

Yes, yes, yes, YES! Isn't it totally ridiculous sometimes! And how many times do you end up cutting your fingers on that heavy plastic when you are trying to cut it away!

Allie said...

It DRIVES ME NUTS. I have no strength in my hands - I guess I'll have to stop buying things when my kids leave home, lol. Be careful with the flat iron. I've been using mine all winter and my hair is fried.

Maggie Mae said...

Oh, I find that so annoying!