Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Erin from House of Turquoise shared this pretty room. Doesn't it look like a soothing place to land at the end of a day....or during the day in the sunshine with a good book?
I saw a show a while back about a lady who didn't buy anything new for an entire year, and the only clothes she purchased was at a second hand shop. At the time, I remember the thought going through my mind, "Could a person really do that?" So, when the new year came around last week, the thought came back to me and I truly wondered if it could be done? It would be an adventure....except it wouldn't help stimulate the economy. ....does that also include fabric? I like a good challenge, but no fabric? I do have a little stash....what do you think?


Stephanie said...

Well I've really been wanting to make lots of scrappy quilts so goodness knows I wouldn't have to buy any fabric for them. :o) I dislike buying clothes so no problem there. Keep us posted on your decision.

Tyler-n-Terrah Harper said...

That room is beautiful!

The challenge of not buying anything for a year is tempting. Are you going to do it?

Katie M. said...

Second hand stores are some of my favorite fabric stores. I buy cotton sheets, cotton duvet covers, men's cotton shirts (lot of fabric in those XXL sizes), When you can find them - cotton skirts. You'd be surprised at how much NEW fabric you can find in second stores.

annieb said...

I think it can be done-my husband was unemployed for over one year so we had no choice. I was gifted some money for fabric, but we only bought necessities, and used some of the gift money to pay my daughter's car insurance...would not be a choice, but it can be done.

Allie said...

Sheri, we hardly ever buy things new. All of our clothes [except undies, of course] come from thrift stores. For us, it's due to two things - budget, and not wanting our dollars going to China, but rather to charities that actually help people right here. Plus, we often find clothing that still has store tags on them, they've never been worn.

The price of fabric has gone up, a lot. So in future, guess where I'm going to be looking for it? Shirts are made in cotton, and I do not have a problem with using something other than quilt shop fabric. Yes there are lovely lines out there, but I'm determined to be frugal this year. I own old quilts that certainly are not made from quilt shop fabric, but odds and ends and I love them.