Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When I was "OUT AND ABOUT" looking for interesting things in my farm area, I noticed I was drawn to things that were know me and red....well you know I wouldn't find much pink out in the farm lands! I thought this sign would make the beginning of a great applique quilt.
For your city folks, this is an old planter of some kind.

These are grain silos....where the farmer stores his grain (wheat, barley) until he sells it. The red ones are old and made of logs...the grey ones are the newer have probably seen them if you have been, "OUT AND ABOUT"
Isn't this tractor the best? I can see it as the center block of the quilt.
Okay, I know this isn't farm equipment....except if you are a farmer and have to have water for an it is red...standing all alone, along the rural road next to the grain field.

And then of course, the little brick house with the red door must be in the quilt. Interestingly enough, all these places are within a few miles of each other. You have heard the term, "quilting in the country?" The whole world is a quilt!