Monday, October 18, 2010


I know, I know, everyone thinks I am obsessed with aqua/turquoise...well for the moment I really like it.....I have always liked just wasn't always in fashion! You might really enjoy this blog....choose whatever is your favorite color and find 1000's of pretty things to look at. I thought this pillow was so sweet.... I think I posted about it before.
I thought these rain boots were the greatest! Of course I would show you things from every color; I just happened to click on the aqua box today.
Loved these could wear them with all kinds of things.
And, if anyone knows me, you know I love pretty shoes....even though I could never wear these now, they would KILL my feet. I still love them....oh what the heck....a few hours of pain for beauty right? LOVED THEM! They also come in black and fuchsia!