Monday, October 25, 2010


Chandelier number 5 wins....only because it is the only one I wanted to afford. It was on sale...and free shipping.....I couldn't justify spending 2-3 times that amount just for a chandelier in my sewing room.
And since I don't know much about photography and have to see it like this. It looks very bright and sparkly in my cheerful!
I am happy. A bit of sparkle goes a long way!
Now.....what about sewing? I am working very slowly on that darn dot quilt....I ran into a snag with the little center dots.
I ran out of the yellow green...and added two rows to the quilt. So, I must decide how many I want to unpick and what to add that will somewhat match. The nice thing about not having a current deadline for quilts is I am not forced to sew...the bad thing about not having a deadline, is I am not forced to sew. However, the quilt is now on th sewing room floor so I can make a decision....hopefully soon it will be off to the quilter.