Monday, October 25, 2010


Chandelier number 5 wins....only because it is the only one I wanted to afford. It was on sale...and free shipping.....I couldn't justify spending 2-3 times that amount just for a chandelier in my sewing room.
And since I don't know much about photography and have to see it like this. It looks very bright and sparkly in my cheerful!
I am happy. A bit of sparkle goes a long way!
Now.....what about sewing? I am working very slowly on that darn dot quilt....I ran into a snag with the little center dots.
I ran out of the yellow green...and added two rows to the quilt. So, I must decide how many I want to unpick and what to add that will somewhat match. The nice thing about not having a current deadline for quilts is I am not forced to sew...the bad thing about not having a deadline, is I am not forced to sew. However, the quilt is now on th sewing room floor so I can make a decision....hopefully soon it will be off to the quilter.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Love that chandelier Sheri! That's the one I picked. Very classy and so sparkly! Can't wait to see your dot quilt finished. That looks like such a fun design, except for cutting out all those circles. Do you have a tool for that, or did you cut them out the old fashioned way with scissors?


Allie said...

STUNNING!!! I love that - I must get a chandelier for my sewing room! I think you made a brilliant choice [pun intended].
Love your dots quilt too!

Shari said...

I think it's great to have a chandelier in your sewing room! Quilting is an elegant and dignified pursuit and we need to honour that with fine things around us. And the husband's probably glad it wasn't more fabric - lol.
No advice on the circle centres. When I want to make a quilt bigger, I add borders, not blocks. Although that's just lazy. May have to re-think this as it's not very elegant or dignified.

Kirsty said...

beautiful chandie!

Carrie P. said...

Nice looking quilt and a lovely chandelier.