Saturday, October 9, 2010


Two years ago, (just about this time of year) I posted about 5 minute chocolate cake. I could not find my recipe, thank goodness for my post. It is so yummy and so FAST. Perfect for this fall type weather.

4 TB. flour
4 TB. sugar
2 TB. cocoa
1 egg
3 TB. milk
3TB. oil
3 TB. chocolate chips,
optional splash of vanilla
1 large coffee mug
Mix dry ingredients well in mug
Add egg and mix well
Add milk and oil, mix well
Add chocolate chips and vanilla, mix once more
Put cake in microwave for 3 min on high (1000 watts)
Cake will rise up over top of mug, this is okay
Allow the cake to cool a little
Tip cake out onto a plate,
add ice cream and

I think you could make this without the cocoa. Add a few spices and some butterscotch or white chocolate chips and have a spice cake....perhaps I will try it. Only 3 minutes of my time.