Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Take Home A Smile
Edgar A. Guest

Take home a smile; forget the petty cares,
The dull, grim grind of all the day's affairs;
The day is done, come be yourself awhile:
To-night, to those who wait, take home a smile.

Take home a smile; don't scatter grief and gloom
Where laughter and light hearts should always bloom;
What though you've traveled many a dusty mile,
Footsore and weary, still take home a smile.

Take home a smile -- it is not much to do,
But much it means to them who wait for you;
You can be brave for such a little while;
The day of doubt is done -- take home a smile.


Stephanie said...

When you see a pretty door you know there is goodness inside.

Allie said...

I just love an arched door - and cozy cottages! Love Edward Guest too. Thanks Sheri!

Shari said...

What a beautiful poem! And lovely doors - every one has a story... you live in a beautiful area...