Thursday, August 5, 2010


ART JOURNALING: This has become my new passion. Remember in the 80's when we all did ceramics, and tole painting? I needed something else besides sewing one more quilt pattern to stimulate my brain. I wanted to think OUTSIDE THE BOX. Do some things I haven't before. Expand my knowledge and creativity.
I have been on several art journal blogs, here and here: and loved the idea of just being free in my thinking. I have loved to color my entire life. I remember the first time (I think I was in starting 3rd grade) I got a box of 64 know, the one with the sharpener in the back....and all those colors!
I went to lunch with Dawn Ramirez yesterday. She is FUNNY, creative, inspiring, and encouraging, (she "get's" me) She mentioned that sometimes it is the PROCESS, not the finished product that we enjoy. I think that is what art journaling is for me because some of the pages are not my favorite when I get finished....but I LOVE the process to coloring, cutting & pasting, and drawing.
I bought this Art Journaling magazine, it is one of many published by the Stampington & Co. by Sommerset Studios. They have some very WONDERFUL magazines for all kinds of things....beading, doll making, quilting, art, Where Women Create.....and their pictures are absolutely brilliant! Such a beautiful magazine.
Water coloring, fingerpainting and journaling like Erin Kenepp Very interesting article about her journal for the entire year that she turned 30.
The fabric journals by Lynne Redmond are inspiring as she tells her story of how she came to this kind of journaling.This journal, by Debra Cooper Handmade entirely from the outside to the very intriguing and tempting. She is a mixed -media artist. So fun to see what all kinds of media is being used for journaling. The whole arts and craft movement is back in full swing, but in a bigger and brighter way since there are so many products available....including the Internet for classes and workshops and videos....

Like this video by Teesha Moore on how to make your own 16 page journal from a 22 x 30 sheet of watercolor paper. I have actually made some for my nieces out of poster paper because we are not going to watercolor you don't have to purchase an expensive piece of watercolor paper to try it out.
I have fussed around with art journaling since Christmas and have found what works for me and what doesn't. Some of the products I have not been able to find in my small area of the world...and I haven't wanted to invest a lot of money into this project if it is only a whim....
So between Michale's 40-50% off coupons, Walmart and a small shop here that has art supplies, I have found markers that I like....LOVE Sharpie markers....and NOW is the best time to buy them when school supplies are cheap. Two pack Sharpie markers for $1.00 at Walmart....LOVE THAT! Most of the journaling I have been enjoying is collage using magazines. Cutting and pasting pictures that I doodle into something else, although I do actually write and date the pages like a journal.
This was a bush...who know what it will become!
Here is the collage part....waiting for another day when I need to be creative. These one page projects are a lot smaller than a quilt top....when I am finished with it, I can move onto the next page. Very satisfying to me to work on smaller projects and see them completed.
Yesterday I doodled this entire page with markers and my new paint pen from Michael's. So, There You entire soap box on art journaling. My final words are: try something OUTSIDE YOUR OWN BOX....whatever it may be.