Monday, August 9, 2010


Several people have emailed me and asked what kind of markers I am using for my art journals. I really like the Sharpie Ultra Fine for the lettering, and the Fine for outlining and coloring.

I can tell them apart from the tops.

All the colors are on sale at Walmart in a two pack for $1.00....Fine, in all kinds of colors, and ultra fine,in black...GET THEM NOW!

This is a 12 pack, but right now Walmart has a nice 8 package of primary colors or pastel colors for $3.98. In the school section they have some, but go back to the regular art/office supplies and get the 8 pack off the shelf. They may not be marked the sale price, but they scan the sale price.

These Bic Mark-it is a nice one. I got mine in a 4 pack sometime ago.
Then for coloring and doodling, I just have some every-day markers...probably Rose Art or Crayola, what ever is cheap. I find I use just a few favorite colors.

Next are the Paint markers. I got some of mine in a package at Walmart. They do come individual, but they are more expensive. I got a bunch of white ones at Michael's. They were on sale. These are the COOLEST. They are paint, and will actually write on ANYTHING.

The white one is what I use to do the dots all over the page...sort of at the end of everything. I really love them. They even come in my green one. Sharpie makes a paint pen that is more expensive and I don't like the white as I am sticking to the Elmers Painters!
Then of course I have my trusty box of colored pencils.
And my trusty crayons....robin's egg blue and yellow green are my favorites. A lot of the permanent markers will write over the crayon....and the paint markers do really well over the top.
Next are the pastels. They are artist chalk pastels. This is the only brand I could find in my town, so I am making them work....After you have your collage pieces on the page, then you can rub the chalk around and create a nice background color if you don't watercolor the page. Then you rub them in and around with your fingers. Wash your fingers and WIPE off the excess chalk with a paper towel before you do any pen work, or it will dry up your markers. But after you have wiped the excess off, you can do wonderful doodling, coloring and lettering. All the pages I have shown lately have had the pastels. The first ones I did 6 months ago were water color. I don't find a lot of difference and this is faster.....I say "use what you have" can even use crayon or colored pencils. The pastels were not cheap, aprox. $12.00 for the package.
I got out my stamping letters and other stamps and have been experimenting. That has been fun.
I just use 2 strands of the crochet cotton for the book binding. Double the strands works best, makes the book a little more secure. nieces and nephews are coming this week and I have bought everyone their own black markers, and a white paint marker. I am going to introduce them to the world of art journaling. I hope we have fun.