Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well, the word on the street is, BE KIND TO YOURSELF. THERE IS NO PRINCE, YOU MUST RESCUE YOURSELF! Some of the things that really make me happy are:

1. Walking in the morning. I love how the morning air feels on my face.

2. I like watching the evening World News, doesn't matter what channel.

3. I like listening to my music LOUD and I like to dance around the house when it is playing.

Speaking of loud music, This is one song I like and I did find it on You Tube so you can all swoon over the 1988 version of (26 yr. old) Michael Ball singing Andrew Lloyd Weber's, Love Changes Everything.....he does it for me in this video...... okay, enough swooning already! There are other videos of him singing this song, but this is my favorite....nothing like being 26!

There is a commercial on TV where someone says, "Life is bigger than 8th grade." Isn't that the truth? These are the things I am going to try and do everyday to be more kind to myself. What about you?