Tuesday, July 13, 2010


THANKS to Heather and all her gang at the Quilt Barn on Saturday. It was great to meet so many very nice people! Their little rural town was having, "Neighborhood Days." They had a parade and fun things to do in the park...wonderful things happen in those small rural America towns!

Well, now on to more painting. My sister said I could have my very own beach cottage feel, and since I already bought and paid for the paint for my laundry room, and still had some left, I painted the main bathroom in my house! Now everything that was red is now AQUA!
And it didn't cost me a dime!
I already had this cute aqua-lime green-and brown table topper from Cotton Way and used it on the floor as a bath mat. I think I will re-make it in September with their new fabric line, BLISS....gota have a bit of red!
The little cupboard over my toilet got a paint job too.....and I shopped through my closets for towels.....and didn't spend any money because I had some white ones and a few odd colors from years past. Love that! Shopping and spending NO money!
Even the little mirror shelf above the sink got a paint job. It matches the already cream bead board walls, I just distressed it and put a coat of stain over to give it some definition different than the walls. WELL, IT IS VERY CREAM and AQUA NOW! And quite cheerful!