Thursday, July 1, 2010


I saw this quilt on the cover of QUILT magazine at sewing day and made my own version.
I had seen a quilt similar to this one with all the circles being a polka-dot fabric and loved it.
I bought maybe 20 fat quarters and then looked at home for more...and I had just about as many! Guess I like dots?
I know someone is going to ask me the sizes....I cut the white blocks 11" so I could squeeze 4 across the width of the fabric. The largest bottom circle is 8 1/4" I pinned the circle to the background and sewed a 1/4" seam all the way around. So it has a rough edge like a Bulls eye quilt. Then, you cut the background away from the back leaving 1/4". The second largest circle is 7". After you pin and sew it to the bottom circle, then cut out the back again, only this time you are cutting away the largest circle, so you don't have a lot of bulk....if you keep doing this, you won't need to cut additional circles from additional fabrics, you just keep using the the backs you have cut away...sewing them on top of each other making as many circles as you wish. It doesn't take as much fabric as you can share with your friends....The circles seem to keep multiplying!

And if you don't have one of these OLFA compass circle cutters....YOU NEED ONE! (The picture with the little red checks.) You will NEVER cut out circles any other way again! WORTH the money!