Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sharyn asked about the wool I used in my Ruby Red Dots book. The Ruby Red Dots quilt and the Valentina's Baby quilt are the quilts with wool dots. I use the wool just like I would a piece of cotton. There are two ways I adhere the wool.
1-- I have drawn and cut the circles out of fusible web (I like Wonder under because it is cheaper and I use a lot of it...and it is thinner than other brands....if I do use something else, I like Steam a Seam 2)
2-- But when I am doing a lot of dots like these quilts, I cut out the circle shapes with a pair of scissors and use a glue stick to place them down to the foundation piece.
Now about wool. If you are using 100% wool or wool felt (felt that feels like wool but is not 100%) they both need to be washed and dried in the dryer for shrinkage because it WILL shrink...trust me! You can wash the piece in the kitchen sink in hot water and use a small amount of soap. I rinse them in hot water a few times, then in cold water a few more times. Then put the piece in the dryer with an old towel and dry until just about dry. Then I like to iron the piece so it is flat....they cut out better because they are not so fluffy.
COLOR BLEEDING: I think all wool and wool felt will continue to bleed color as long as you keep hot water on it. After you rinse in cold water you shouldn't be getting any color. So WASH your finished quilts in cold water and hang to dry or use cool setting in the dryer. I like to have my quilts washable, dryable and USABLE!
SEWING: I just use a mono filament thread, I like the YLI brand because it is thin, my machine likes it....find one that will work in your machine.. (even if you have to try a couple of kinds...it's worth the money to find the right one for your own sewing machine) and a small zig-zag, about a 1- stitch length and a 1-stitch width and go around each circle. The dots in the Ruby Red Dots book are about the size of a dime. This is where I like the glue stick even better than the fusible web because they stick better when they are so small.
You might ask why the wool...I like the juxtaposition of the wool and cotton.
Sharyn, I hope that answered your questions...you can always email me!