Thursday, May 6, 2010


You know those little pin cushions-thread catchers you use by your sewing machine? I sew with a group of women every Wednesday and we all have at least one. One year for Christmas, Susan gave us all one of these cute purple ones. The DMWMW letters stand for....Don't Mess With My Wednesday. Notice the puny amount of pins I have!Yesterday at sewing day, I looked over and saw all these pins on one pin cushion and thought they looked so great. I think I had "sewing pin envy!" I for sure do not even own that many sewing pins total.
It almost looked like a bouquet of daffodils! And look at the circle blocks Lori is working on, I will show you those later. What a wonderful group of women I get to associate with every week.....and we don't husband bash or gossip.
LuJean and Beverly were making these DARLING thread catchers yesterday. I had to find the pattern....and isn't it just so cute? I will need to make myself one of these! Check about all the fun patterns at Abby Lane Quilts, and they have to blog too. So many things to little time!