Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is part of an old quilt that I made into a new table runner.
I added strip pieced blocks. I sewed the blocks directly on top of the old quilt.
I love the strip piecing, so satisfying to use all those little scraps.
This is how the table runner turned out. I bound it just like a regular quilt.
Then I used the leftover old quilt to make skirts for doll dresses.
The quilt was pale to begin with....and after tea staining...the skirts were really pale!
The bottom of the skirt is the ratty binding edge of the quilt.
Off to the shop!


Wendy said...

The dolls look great in there new quilted dresses. What a super idea to reuse the quilt. I love the now new tablerunner.

Stephanie said...

Love that you were able to salvage an old quilt. Your girls are darling.

tagskie said...

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Allie said...

My aren't you the clever one - I love both of those uses for that old quilt! The dolls are so darling!

MamaT said...

You're so clever!