Monday, April 12, 2010


Have any of you seen the Quiltmania Magazine? It is one of my favorites. The company Quiltmania is in France, they print their magazines in French, Dutch, and English. They are the most beautiful quilt magazines EVER! This is a special spring issue, but there regular issues have WONDERFUL stories and articles about quilts and artists from all over the world; then the next section is where the quilts and patterns are for a project you would like to make...and lastly, they have their advertisements. And my favorite part....they use the FINEST quality of paper!
I have worked for over a year and a half to have a quilt published in their magazine.....I made the corner of the cover, and a spread on the back cover!
The quilt is called, A Walk In the Park. It is made with pinks, reds, aquas and spring green favorites done all together!
Their magazines are SO beautifully done....such pretty art work and photography!
I am very honored to be featured in their magazine. I know you can find copies at quilt shops, and at your local Barnes & Noble, and Borders Booksellers...and you can also get your very own subscription! Thank you Carol and Caroline at Quiltmania!