Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This is the blue wool & flannel version of my Ruby Red Dots quilt done as a block of the month by the Quilters Way. You too can sign up for it. It looks so blueberrys! I am so happy Quilter's Way showed me so I could show all of you! It is so fun to see what people do with your designs to make them their own. I am really big on sewing and quilting the way that works for you. If you see a pattern and like what you like, and for heaven's sake do the kind of applique that makes you happy!

I KNOW this quilt would be FABULOUS done in PINK and lime green!!!!


Allie said...

It looks delicious in blue!

MegJill said...

1. LOVE the idea of pinks and green!
And love TJ Maxx too! I try to avoid it because I love it so much and want to come home with the whole store.
2. Your creme lamp is really pretty!
3. What a fun quilt shop trip!!!

節奏 said...

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................

Carrie P. said...

How exited you must be to see your quilt done up like that. It is pretty.
I just caught up on reading your blog entries. I have been so busy. I will do a post but have not been faithful to read other lately.
Your road trip looked like a lot of fun. I have done one shop hop here in NC. I think one time is enough for me. A lot of miles.
The yellow skirt is just darling.

Shari said...

This looks just so great in the blues!