Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I sew with a group of ladies every Wednesday. We have been getting together for over 10 years. We gather all our "stuff" sewing machines too, and a project we want to work on for the day and meet at one of our homes. When everyone comes, there are 12 of us. Usually we have 8-10 show up on a weekly basis. The host for the day makes lunch for everyone. It really isn't' too bad because you only have to cook once every 8-10 weeks! And let me tell you....we have had some GREAT meals!

This past Wednesday we took a road trip for our sewing day and went to a couple of shops 3 hours from here in Rupert, ID and Kimberly, ID and Pocatello, ID. It was a 12 hr. trip! There were only 7 of us so we all fit into one Suburban and we laughed and talked the entire way!
So, from left to right: Louise Godfrey, Sonja Cherry, me, Susan Hansen, Kathy Robinson, LuJean Clark, Chris Klingler. Taken at "The Gathering Place" in Rupert, ID. A FANTASTIC SHOP!

This was a darling shop called, "The Quilt Barn" in Kimberly, ID. We had never been there before....So fun, I think it was an old department store...the floors were wood, (probably original) and white washed. Such a cute young owner... her husband said she should open the shop....GO HUSBAND!!
There were lots of samples to see and LOTS of beautiful fabric!! Yes, I did buy fabric...but I kept it within reason.
These are some of the cute samples hanging all around. Do any of you shop hop?