Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I've been keeping my eye out for an antique crystal chandelier that was small enough to fit in my that I could afford. Although most were too large and more money than I wanted to spend....I did finally shop at a new local lighting store and buy this small version of what I really wanted.

When I told my husband I wanted him to hang this in the bathroom, he asked in a rather puzzled voice, "In the bathroom?" I told him yes, it would be pretty. Good thing this is a handy man because is was too low and he had to undo the entire thing and hang it higher.
Then of course my cupboards felt left out......and one of the ladies I sew with every Wednesday had beautiful crystal knobs in her new bathroom make over from Home Depot, so I went searching.
And I bought new jewelry for the cupboards....crystal knobs. I can't remember if these are exactly like hers, but they made me so happy. If they are the same, no one but she and I will know since mine are in the master suite...the sewing ladies will never see them, except on my blog of course.