Monday, March 8, 2010


While cleaning out a file cabinet I ran across this little saying that made me smile!

We the willing are led by the unknowning to accomplish the impossible for the ungrateful....we've done so much with so little for so darn long we're now qualified to do anything with nothing!Do you remember wanting to help with the cleaning when you were about this age. I remember specifically wanting to help my mom do the dishes and she replied that there would come a day when it wasn't fun anymore.

This one likes to play in my farmhouse sink in the "water." I put the water on warm in a small stream and she will play for over a half hour...please note the little charm square apron!

Yes, I know, everyone says she looks like me.....even her baby pictures! She said when she came today, "Guess what color I am wearing?" I asked, "What color?" Her reply was she pointed to her dress and just smiled. Her favorite color is purple, but she knows mine is pink! Could you love them any more? It is SO surprising to me how much I love my grandchildren!