Monday, February 8, 2010


Please notice the tape....I have this picture taped on the wall above my computer...year round, but it is especially nice to see during the winter. I don't necessarily like to be in the salt water, but I like to go to the beach and be in the sunshine. I love the little beach cities in Southern California, Newport, Balboa, Laguna Beach...Catalina....and I am happy to say I am going to see my sister for a few (too few actually) days this week. I must be back for the 14th as it is my son's 30th birthday and we are having a big family dinner party. But, a few days in the sun will sure cheer me up! (Hopefully there will be sun...they have had a lot of rain.) Either way, rain or shine, it will be green, plus there are a few new quilt shops we need to visit! Good thing I don't need to try to fit into a swimming suit or get a tan! Age does have a few advantages!