Saturday, February 20, 2010


How to survive a Minnesota winter.
This list was given by an older woman to a younger women who had just moved to Minnesota with her husband to start their first job after being in Arizona for grad school. I thought it applied to any who live in long winters....and then to everyone else.
1. Laugh and smile at least once every day
2. Learn something new. Marjorie Hinckley said, “Develop intellectual curiosity.”
3. Get adequate rest even if you have to give up something else and take a nap. Five hours a night is not enough.
4. Exercise enough to sweat….not necessarily to loose weight.
5. Feed your body with healthy food
6. Feed your spirit with healthy words
7. Count your blessings often. Keep a blessing journal and write things down. Sometimes we ignore the small things.
8. Offer a daily prayer with real intent.
9. Find something you were meant to do here on earth and do it. Pursue it and find joy in it.


Jeannette said...

Great words

Terry said...

Those are good guidelines for all of us to follow! :0)

Tracy said...

I especially like #2. Learn something new. I think I will put some thought into that one.

Trisha said...

I love it! I am printing it out! AND being a Southern California transplant to Utah I really really REALLY wish someone had given told me these wise words my first winter!

I would add #10, spring does not come in February like it does in California or comes in late May, on a good year!

Allie said...

Words to remember and live by!

rifedf said...

Where did all that snow come from? I looks like Pennsylvania.