Friday, January 29, 2010


I walked into my sewing room the other morning and this is what I saw.
Sometimes when I am working on dolls, all the "accessories" get out of hand and start taking over the room. You know when you are looking for just the right button you sometimes have to sift through the entire pile!
These dolls all got a make over. Yes a make over, just like on TV.
They had darling big flowers on their chests, but the general public didn't seem to like them. So after the holidays and these cuties didn't get purchased, I brought them home. I gave them a new dress bodice, a little jacket (made from quilt batting) a row of trim along their dress....
Old covered coat buttons along their jackets and shoes to match their wool dresses, a hair bow, a little more blush and now back to the gift shop! I forgot to take a picture of their 4th friend...but she has already gone to a new home so it doesn't matter anyway! ~~~ Thanks ladies for a great 2 days of "fussing" I LOVE MAKING DOLLS!