Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Remember when I said I wanted to re-make my quilt? Well, I am...here is the progress.
I am liking the more pale colors. This would be so darling out of PINK...or REDS...

Monday, June 29, 2009


Now you are a part of my Christmas in July Swap.....of course I can only show you a small portion of what I am doing, because I don't know if the person receiving my gift reads my blog!!
I can't show you my whole Christmas project, but I thought I would share with you my little juice glass collection. Yesterday I went to get a glass out of the cupboard for a drink of water. All the glasses were in the dishwasher....but I have these cute little striped juice glasses, I grabbed on of them...it took filling it up 3 times....then I remembered I have a larger stripped one...so I went looking for it. That triggered a thought in my mind to show my blogger friends all my little glasses.
I don't even know where I got this obsession with juice glasses, my mom never had any....I don't even remember drinking out of them when I was a child...but I LOVE THEM! I only have 2 of these sweet ones.
Then a few years ago I started looking on Ebay for them...it was one of the very first things I every bought from Ebay....like 5 of these cute ones with the little stem....SO DARLING...except, one accidentally jumped out of the cupboard one day and broke....poor thing.
Don't you just love these little tomato ones? I think they are so sweet. I saw some with cherries on Ebay that I desperately wanted....but they were a fortune....I should have just paid it...like I need a few more? I seldom use them....although after yesterday that is changing!!! I do use them for special occasions....except the little stripped ones I showed you first....I have 12 of them...imagine...12 of the same color...that was an Ebay steal! I do use them, maybe because I have 12 I am not as worried if I break one.
I found these intriguing ones with the red dots...there were only 3 but who cares right? They are made from a very nice thick glass...some are so thin and fragile...like the little red ones with the stem.I have 4 our these sweet rose ones. So cute!
Look at these little blue ones with the stem....they have knobby balls around the top of the stem.. I have 4 of these too! They are some of those fragile ones, but OH SO SWEET!
I have 4 of these little blue guys.....they seem like the gentlemen of the bunch! Not quite so dainty...

This set is the first one I bought....I was in Pierre South Dakota with my friend visiting her sister. We went to an antique store and I saw this set....it was expensive....but I HAD TO HAVE IT!! I knew I would probably never see one like this again, so I bought it and have never been sorry!! It is my favorite and I do use this set a lot. Juice looks so decedent in this little pitcher with all the glasses around it. Perhaps this is the set that got me hooked...."thank you cute little set for getting me hooked!"

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I thought this cover was the best! Makes me want to make a Cherry Pie! Pie is my favorite dessert....


Flower dolls were on the docket for this past week...
Their dresses are wool and flannel....wool and flannel for summer? But the flowers are blooming... must be raining here! I don't know why but I had this idea to plop these huge flowers on their chests... Ooops, I cut off the purple flower dolls face...poor thing.
I sell dolls and little quilts at a darling local gift shop called, All Occasions, owned by my dear friend, Lora of 16+ years!!! I love to make doll dresses as much as little girl's dresses...they are my favorite thing to sew! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am painting all my darker pieces, CREAM....it is very calming!
What used to be black is now CREAM!
This fancy frame is now a beautiful mirror...it is pretty, even if is missing some of its details....
And yes, I am remaking the quilt from yesterday's post....I am using the same background for the entire quilt including the borders...what do you think? I bought 6 yards of it at our local store, and didn't even realize it is a piece from Blackbird Designs until when I got home and started cutting....plus, I bought it off the sale table for $1.99 per yard...YES, $1.99 per yard.....SCORE!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


In my desire to have a summer beach house....(in IDAHO?) I am lightening up the colors in my decor to give the illusion of a summer beach house.....I made this pillow for my couch.

I made two pillows like this for my black leather chairs.

I drug this quilt out of the closet... below is the picture of the original...I loved it so much!

This was one of those projects that I bought the book and a few pieces of fabric on the spot when I saw it displayed at the quilt shop.....I used a lot of the fabric I had on hand...and now I wish I would have made it more like the original....do you ever do that? Maybe I will give this one away and make me another...do you ever do that too?
The book is by Barb Adams and Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs....I have always loved their work!!! This little project book had just these two quilts...so CUTE!!! I never did make the other one...I may have to make it too!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is one of the table toppers of the month from Cotton Way.
This is the one I made last year...I made all 12 of them....they are 36" square and all so very simple to make...I can hardly wait to use them all year!

Mine is more pastel than the one on the pattern...but so cute on my table!! I know you can still get the patterns! Not too late to start...even though this one is May...our weather is just now beginning to feel "summer like!"

Monday, June 22, 2009


I know, two posts in one day...can you believe it? I wanted to share with you a new place I found to visit each day!!! Layla from The Lettered Cottage has been kind enough to share her photo, but you MUST go see her soft, happy place. It has become my favorite place to go each day! She inspired me to re-do the guest room that I have shown in previous posts. Thank you Layla...

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Many of you have asked for further clarification on how I use the stain. First: paint entire piece well. Second: sand corners and edges with a medium sandpaper. Third: stain entire piece all over and then wipe off to your liking. If you want the piece darker, stain again. I usually stain the whole thing, then wipe the stain off. Good luck.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Is there anything better than a boy?

Except a girl?

Or maybe a brother and sister?

You must check out Bakerella for Father's Day cupcake hamburgers and cookie fries....I MUST MAKE THEM! If you look back through her blog, she has the cutest food things....Dipped cake balls? YUM!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Okay, sorry Moda wants me to wait until closer to when the Simple Abundance fabric comes out in August/ September for the tutorial on the Jelly Towels.....because people like you SCREAM when you can't have it "right now!" (I am like that too!) So here is a fast little tutorial:

2-flour sack towels 24-27" hemmed
3+ 1/8 yard rick-rack
2-Jelly Roll pieces

You are all so smart, you can figure out that you sew the rick-rack onto the Jelly Roll fabric.....about 3-4" up from the bottom of the towel! YOU CAN DO IT!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I named these dish towels Jelly Towels because they use a strip from a Jelly Roll.....and you could give them as a gift with a jar or Jelly or Jam!
These are just a few...I think 7 different colors; one for each day of the week would be so CUTE!

Check Friday the 19th on Moda Bake Shop for the tutorial!!! See you there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some of you have been asking about the painting....well, I normally stain over the painting..like in the photo of the little green dresser...notice it has been lightly sanded and then stained over all.

You can see on this leg how the stain makes the sanded part look worn and old....notice the little casters!

This is the stain I use...I use it on EVERYTHING....including white or cream...except I did NOT use it on the rocking chair.... I wanted it to be pure cream....I will probably end up staining it...I like how that looks. It will make even white appear old and creamy.

I buy my stain at Walmart because it is cheaper than at the paint store....it needs to be the Special Walnut.....it goes on VERY dark, but wipes off so nice and leaves every color....even the dark ones looking GOOD!

For my bathroom cupboards I left the stain on almost as dark as it went on and didn't wipe it off.

This cupboard had been painted white so when you sand down through the layers to get to the wood, some of the white show through....I just stained over everything.

The stain is an oil base, so you need to use rubber gloves and make sure you use a drop cloth.
Notice the cream rocker is not distressed. I use indoor latex paint, usually a egg shell or satin finish. I almost never use an oil base paint unless it is for kitchen cupboards...I don't like the clean up!

1. Clean your project
2. Paint your favorite color, enough coats to make a pretty finish...if you don't use 2-3 coats it will look like you didn't...even if you stain over it, the paint finish needs to look nice. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats.
3. Sand down through all the layers to the wood on the corners and edges.
4. Use a foam brush and stain over the entire piece, wiping off any excess to a dark finish you like. If you want it darker, leave the stain on longer before wiping, or add another coat of stain.
5. Allow stain to dry 24 hours or until not tacky before moving onto carpet.

There you go! Good luck....I think painting is an expensive way to keep myself entertained....I figure if I hate it, I will live with the color until I can't stand it and paint it again.......just ask my family!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Cream is the winner....the chair now looks so nice with the rest of the room
With a new ceiling fan for some fresh air in the summer evenings....
Someone asked why I didn't take a picture of the little green dresser next to the new walls....here it is. Okay, back to sewing...I am working on my Christmas in July project...I will show you a peek soon! Thanks for visiting, hope your day is happy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is the bag I was sewing on last week for my "New York" daughter....it is the birdie sling by Amy Butler.....so fast and so fun. I did put a magnetic snap on the inside so all her things don't fall out on the subway...it's in the mail! The fabric is Wonderland by MoMo for Moda! So fun!~~~~

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have never liked the color of this guest bedroom...so I painted it the palest--most peachy--pink color...called Opera Pink. It is the color of your grandmother's face powder...so very soft! .....I really want to paint that rocking chair...what color do you think, creamy/white? Remember the little green dresser is in there too...(notice those awful gold walls!)I love it's little details. It has little plastic rollers on the legs so you can roll it....so cute!
The color of course had to match the fru-fru (is this how you spell fru-fru?) bed skirt/prom dress skirt, and my new pillow shams with Jennifer Paganelli's fabric! (sure wish I could go to Jennifer's party today and tomorrow!)Remember the lamp I made a cute shade for? I painted the base creamy-white....in fact I painted almost everything....
Not these cute flowers on the wall...they were already white!!
But this little picture frame!
That's my mom in the middle...I love that picture!
And this frame too! Now this room is a VERY cheerful place...so soft and comfy!!

Mind you, I am sewing a darling Amy Buttler bag for my daughter...in-between coats of paint....I will show you soon how darling the bag is! Come stay in my cute guest room, we will have a sleep over, eat chocolate, stay up late and talk; and maybe do a little hand work/sewing!