Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SHOPPING AT HOME...and I don't mean the internet!

I needed something for a space on my kitchen counter and didn't want to go buy "one more thing." So I looked around my house for know...."cream decorations!" I had these two houses that were NOT cream, but because of my painting abilities and determination, they are now!!! I added a little glitter and stole some Christmas ornaments out of a basket I already had. Boy I love shopping at my own house! It is amazing how much you can do that, just look at what you have and move things around. The candle holder I already had, so I did have to buy ONE candle, and it was on sale...(love that!) And because I put up my nativity set and didn't use the leaf stuff, I stole/shopped it too...added a dish towel out of the drawer and there you new table scape.Now for a sneak peek at what I have been up to. More later, I must leave something to post about in a few days, plus hopefully you will come back!


Allie said...

I like doing that too - and your tablescape looks lovely!
Pretty ornaments!!!!

Shari said...

Shopping at home is so much fun! I have lots of tins and boxes just full of treasure!! Your tablescape is charming... and I see you have your tree up! Of course you would have a white tree! lol

mickeyjprinz0 said...

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