Monday, December 14, 2009


Now of course my pictures of the windows are terrible compared to some others you can check out online...keep in mind.
1. It was cold and dark.
2. We had the little children in the stroller and it was cold.
3. There were a lot of people in the city and it was cold.
4. I only had a few seconds to get my gloves off, keep the children in check, keep tabs on where my husband was walking, and it was cold.....get the picture?

The theme of the windows this year was, Curiousier and Curiousier inspired by Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland. This window was all glass and intriguing. Check out that cello, probably special dipped in stainless steal.

One window's floor was covered in buttons.
If you want to see how these windows are made, check here!
Here is more about the windows.
Look at the detail of this horse, all these little green moss things were, I am sure glued on one at a time by hand.
Such ingenious minds do these windows. The last time I was in the NYC at Christmas time, I actually went into the store and inquired about the designers. I was told they have designers that work on these Christmas windows all can see why! Although Bergdorf Goodman has fantastic windows all year long, just not this elaborate. I did check out prices while I was in the store....the handbag I looked at was $2,500.00. VERY FANCY INDEED!
This window was done in all paper goods. Look at this little dog done with newspaper darling.
Okay, so enough of the windows....Here is my Christmas tree. It is small, but, "Oh so cute!"
See t his little bell garland? I got it at the dollar looks vintage...for $1.00! Love that!
I made these ornaments out of an old songbook. I wish I could say they were my idea, but I saw some similar on some one's blog and did my own version. They are so cheerful!
This is my little snow angel from my good friend Lora for my birthday, and of course she is CREAM! And can you see my Christmas swap table runner, so perfect...and yes it is my only Christmas tree because my tall green tree and my other decorations are in the back of the storage room with 1000 things stacked on top...okay, maybe only 900 things, but still, I am unable to reach it. The little cream tree is on the sofa table and has the perfect place for the presents under the table. Hope all your holiday activities are fun! What are you doing?
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Sherri said...

Love all of the New York windows...I really hope to go someday! My three oldest children have been...but didn't near enough pictures!!! So thanks for sharing! Love your tree as well!

Allie said...

Someday I need to go see the windows for myself, they look fantastic! I love your tree so much, and your snow angel, and your ornaments - I think your tree is the perfect size. Beautiful.

Carrie P. said...

More cool windows. All those buttons. Amazing.
Love your tree and deocorations.

Barbara said...

I gather from your comments, it was cold in NYC. I thought your photos were great. I think it would be great fun to see NYC at Christmastime. Thanks for sharing all that you saw. Your tree is adorable as well.

Needled Mom said...

Yes, I can definitely see wht it takes a full year (or more) to do those windows. They remind me of Marshall Fields in Chicago and I saw a television show on what it took to put them together. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

I loved all the buttons!!! I would have never guessed that was what they were. Do you think I could have them when they are done with them??? Imagine what one could do with all of those buttons.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great window shopping trip! Thanks for taking us!

MegJill said...

Beautiful windows! And it is crazy that they change so much for a HANDBAG! new York at Christmas sounds so fun.

Natasha said...

not to mention that you needed to help your daughter not have an anxiety attack among all of those people! Great pics! Love you mom! Wish we could be there for Christmas!