Monday, December 21, 2009


I think Christmas smells like Gingerbread cookies, and dolls. I wonder if the doll manufactures put a special scent in the plastic that make them irresistible.

My grand daughter got a "twirrly skirt" and so the dolly had to have one too!

The twirrly skirt had to have a blouse.
And the dolly had to have some jeans and shirt....
And she had to have a new dress and bloomers. Boy did making doll clothes take me back to the years when my daughters had dolls. I use to sew for hire for a woman who had 4 daughters and they each got a new one for Christmas. I sewed doll clothes for Christmas for years, because each year each new doll had to have a complete wardrobe. I was a lot younger in those days, I am glad I only have one doll to sew for!