Monday, November 16, 2009


These are the dishes my family has eaten Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner on for my entire life.
They were my grandmother's and great-grandmothers. What is your family doing for Thanksgiving and what kinds of traditions do you have?~~One year my married daughter went to her new in-laws for Thanksgiving. They have A LOT of people, maybe 30-40 for Thanksgiving dinner, so they ate on paper plates. My daughter said it didn't seem like Thanksgiving to her. That made me feel happy that we had the glass dishes as a tradition.

~~My other married daughter called this past month and asked where she could get dishes that all matched like "grandma's?" I told her she would have to find some open stock somewhere. She had to host the family Thanksgiving dinner early at her house as her husband's grandparents were going South for the winter. She found some pretty dishes at Bed Bath and Beyond. Now, she can start her own traditions!

~~We usually only have turkey for Thanksgiving, but this year I think we will have ham and a turkey. Our family likes stuffing cooked out side the turkey and it is not cornbread stuffing like many people eat. We do however have sweet potatoes but we don't have green bean casserole. I do make fresh cranberry sauce for my dad and I, and we buy the cranberry jelly in a can for the rest! Some years I try different recipes.....for instance; last year I tried a cranberry sage dressing that was very good. One year I tried a new sweet potato mash thing...(we didn't have it again!)
~~My mother-in-law makes a wonderful macaroni salad that has become tradition. I had to learn to make it and pass the recipe on to my daughters because we would be so lost without it at any family gathering.....especially Thanksgiving!
~~Hope all your holiday preparations are happy.