Monday, November 16, 2009


These are the dishes my family has eaten Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner on for my entire life.
They were my grandmother's and great-grandmothers. What is your family doing for Thanksgiving and what kinds of traditions do you have?~~One year my married daughter went to her new in-laws for Thanksgiving. They have A LOT of people, maybe 30-40 for Thanksgiving dinner, so they ate on paper plates. My daughter said it didn't seem like Thanksgiving to her. That made me feel happy that we had the glass dishes as a tradition.

~~My other married daughter called this past month and asked where she could get dishes that all matched like "grandma's?" I told her she would have to find some open stock somewhere. She had to host the family Thanksgiving dinner early at her house as her husband's grandparents were going South for the winter. She found some pretty dishes at Bed Bath and Beyond. Now, she can start her own traditions!

~~We usually only have turkey for Thanksgiving, but this year I think we will have ham and a turkey. Our family likes stuffing cooked out side the turkey and it is not cornbread stuffing like many people eat. We do however have sweet potatoes but we don't have green bean casserole. I do make fresh cranberry sauce for my dad and I, and we buy the cranberry jelly in a can for the rest! Some years I try different recipes.....for instance; last year I tried a cranberry sage dressing that was very good. One year I tried a new sweet potato mash thing...(we didn't have it again!)
~~My mother-in-law makes a wonderful macaroni salad that has become tradition. I had to learn to make it and pass the recipe on to my daughters because we would be so lost without it at any family gathering.....especially Thanksgiving!
~~Hope all your holiday preparations are happy.


Southern Gal said...

Our traditional dinner includes
Turkey with dressing
Mashed Potatoes and Giblet Gravy
Macaroni and Cheese
Broccoli Casserole
Butter Beans
Sweet Potato Casserole
And a variety of desserts which has to include Chocolate Eclair Cake.

No wonder we gain at least 5 lbs. over the holidays.

HRH Gigi said...

My mom did a great thing one year regarding dishes. She bought a set of 6 plates each for me, my sister and for herself. And we have added on throughout the years, both on dinner size and 'salad' plates that can be used for everything. So now we have 30 each of dinner and salad plates. And we live close enough that whoever is entertaining a large crown can use the plates. So no paper for us. We also all have boxes of extra glasses for parties so no plastic there. It feels nice to be able to entertain a large group on real plates, etc.

PattiCakes said...

My daughter's mother-in-law, Lori, lives on a cul-de-sac with the same neighbors she's had for years. Many years ago, they all went in together to buy a large quantity of clear glass plates at a local dollar store. Lori keeps them at her house, but when anyone has a large affair (like my daughter's bridal shower), there are plenty of plates available.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Sheri I have to say that you just don't look like you could have married daughters!! What a sweet tradition! We always spend Thanksgiving with my in laws and it has always been a huge feast.
Everyone brings a dish. I make a carrot casserole, which is always requested. My mil is 88 and fil is 90 so there may not be many more gatherings in the future. We are blessed to still have them.

Carrie P. said...

I am trying a new recipe for porkloin and some different potatoes. We will have the traditional sweet potato casserole by request. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

tisme said...

I love cranberry salad of any kind.
My grandmother had always made this for all our holidays. When she passed away, my mom would not make it for years! Finally after 5 years, she has started making it.
It is very easy.
If you are interested in the recipe, I will get it from my mom.
It has celery, cranberries, and walnuts in it.

Shari said...

Those dishes are so you... and what a wonderful tradition. We don't have Thanksgiving in Oz, but there are the usual Christmas traditions. Seafood is a traditional component of an Aussie Christmas - it is the middle of summer afterall...

MegJill said...

We've eaten on paper plates before when we had a lot for people over for the hoidays! Not quite as luxurious seeming, but we never had enough dishes and they NEVER matched!
This year Thanksgiving is going to be just my husband and I and the three little kids, so we are keeping it pretty small. Turkey, sweet potatoes, fresh veggies, a pie or two. And we always have Christmas decor up by then!

Sherri said...

Oh, I love the holidays! Love your family dishes too! I've cooked for 20 or more the last five years but don't have to cook this year...I thought I wanted a break...but now I'm missing the preparations!

Brenda said...

Did you hear my gasp all the way over there??? I LOVE your wonderful dishes. How lucky for you they have survived to be passed down. I have butter hands so anything that lasts longer than ten years is a miracle to me. But no matter; my family is everywhere so Thanksgiving at home means just the three of us and my Prince doesn't eat turkey so it's really just Gino and I... so I order it all and heat it up on the big day. I miss the big family Thanksgiving dinner; but I sure don't miss the mess, LOL!

Natasha said...

Oh, how I will miss the ugly gold dishes this Thanksgiving, but we'll be eating on my ugly green dishes that I've been collecting. . .remember that flea market in Gnawbone?

Bonnie said...

Your dishes brought a smile to my face. Our LDS ward building (Rexburg 1st) had goblets exactly like that when I was growing up. How I wish I had some of them now. I think they auctioned all the old dinnerware when they built the new stake center. Years ago I saw goblets like that in an antique store, but they were too pricey for my pocketbook at the time.

p.s. IKEA is a great place to get cheap dinnerware.

Allie said...

Those are beautiful dishes!!!!!

We have very few traditions. Growing up, we ate at my aunt's mother-in-laws - she was from the Ukraine, and my fondest memory was of her borscht. Now, hubby cooks the turkey, and I make an apple/yam casserole that everybody loves. And that's about it!

Noodle said...

Wow~ Your dishes are coool! You make me want to get a set of dishes that will match, maybe at D.I.? We have serving dishes, but as MegJill mentioned, we've had to use paper plates for large groups of family and friends. Also, we have only recently had a table that would seat most of us, so that motivates me to set a nicer table. :)
We usually have:
Turkey (sometimes ham, too)
Mashed potatoes
Dressing (made separately)
Green bean casserole
Deluxo fruit salad!
All kinds of pies
Ham Roll-ups (a family appetizer traditiion)
Deviled eggs
Relish tray

My husband makes most of this, with our grown children helping with side dishes. It's always so yummy, because my husband is a fantastic cook and baker, and we're all thankful for that on Thanksgiving!

Greg's Life said...

Yes I will admit it, it was my family that ate on paper plates. However, for the record, my mother would never have allowed it when she was alive. We also has a "fancy" set of dishes that only came out on Thanksgiving.

As far as food goes my dad alway made the stuffing, which for some reason my he always called dressing. It was basically bread crumbs, celery, onions, sage and dripping from the turkey. I continue to make it, and thankfully Natasha likes it so we will continue to make it.

We also always had nut cups, which were small plastic cups, with peanuts and M&M's. Another tradition I have no idea where it came from.