Monday, September 14, 2009


This is the true cream color of the following cabinet...but with my bad photography, the cabinet looks white
I just love how it turned out, and it shows off my grandmother's dishes, and looks very nice next to my new cream couch...yes, I did get one. I will post a picture soon!

Boy that looks white and the walls are so washed out....someone get that girl a real photographer! Now this poor little cupboard has been brown all it's life, poor thing. I wonder why I didn't notice how sad it was to be brown all these years? TA-DA! A swift swish of a paint brush and my trusty 5 gallon bucket of cream paint, (now down to about 4 gallons) and it is SO much happier...and yes, they all got a stain bath!
My husband asked where I got the little cupboard...silly him, he should have known I painted it!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

What wonderful pieces of furniture, and what a difference a coat of paint makes! Can't wait to see the sofa!


Natasha said...

Silly him indeed! Everything needs a good coat of paint once in a while! I like the cupboard with grandma's dishes in it. Was it cream when I was there for my visit?

Fiesta said...

Sheri I clicked on the link of your new book and I saw all the wonderful images of your lovely creations except the runner. Can you share a picture of it?

Allie said...

Gorgeous! I adore painted furniture. How funny your hubby didn't recognize the cabinet!

nima said...

wow...what a great makeover..

Bonnie- Cotton Way said...

Love the little creme cupboard. I may have to take lessons from Thee Sheri Howard. I think I want to paint my bathroom cupboard. Am I crazy?