Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For those of you who know I am painting my sewing room, the color is called, Sea Foam Breeze...just a tadd blue for my taste...but I am not painting again!
See the little box with the 3/8 and C is a drawer I got at the Greenwood Mercantile in Kansas City, MO. It had to have been a drawer with nuts or perfect to keep my little paint bottles out of site.
I spray painted all my book/magazine holders Krylon Dove white, the one for plastics. I have always wondered how well that worked...and let me tell you, it works great! So for $8.00 I have all new, light colored holders! I thought about mod podge and scrapbook paper for the fronts...don't you think?
I am really in a "lighter color mode" lately. As you know I have painted anything I can get my hands on, I told my husband not to stand still or he would be next ! I think I am finished in that room, but never say finished right?
....speaking of painting, check here for a fun paint chip project
I almost forgot...I wanted to tell you about this cute site with fun, fast little projects!