Monday, August 31, 2009


Meet Bonnie!And Camille!
What do these two talented ladies have in common?
for MODA
by Bonnie and Camille
plus they are my friends!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


EDIT: You can now see a larger picture of my book...thanks to my editor! Scroll down to August 26th.
Remember my darling Christmas table runner from Shari for the Christmas in July swap? I was in need of a cream table runner for my kitchen table.....
and in my pursuit of all things worked perfectly....and who is going to get their eyes right down on the fabric and see that has tiny Christmas designs? It is all so cream and perfect! Thanks Shari, I think I shall use it right up through December...and maybe beyond! Now that is a good gift if you can use it all year long, don't you think?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


MY BOOK IS FINALLY FINISHED and I am so excited. You can order it straight from the company (click on the library) or ask your local quilt shop to order it in for you! I hope you love it...of course it has RED and PINK quilts...are you kidding? However, not all the projects are red and pink! There is a queen size quilt, a throw size quilt, a baby quilt and pillow, and a table runner! Something for EVERYONE!! I will be having a give away in September for a free--autographed book! Stay tuned for the details!! Thanks Kansas City Star and everyone for all your support!


Country Decorating ides # 103 COTTAGES & CABINS
I think I MUST have a bed cover like this one...I know, being a quilter, one would think I needed a quilt...but I have MANY of those and not one of these! There is something about the long sweeping sides that makes me swoon! Does it say, "ball gown" to you? ME TOO!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Oh my goodness gracious...check this out, you will NOT believe how beautiful this home is!!! If you like "before and after" you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


This is Georgie, compliments of Linda from All-Stitched-Up...isn't he just so darn cute? I think it would be so sweet HOT PINK for a girl! And the pattern is a free down load from here! I can hardly wait to make it! Hope you enjoy it too....pop on over to Linda's and tell her thank you for sharing!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


This little dress is made from a man's shirt. So cute and so fast! Look here for the tutorial!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Available now at your local quilt shops and books sellers....Quick Quilts Fall 2009, issue # 105.
This is the entire table topper of which you only got a glimpse of earlier.....
Made from Connecting Thread's collection called, Hearth and Home. The colors are very soft and muted. The greens are a soft grey-green.
My local quilt store wanted one in bright fall colors, so I made them one bright and cheerful! Hope you can find the magazine, it has some really cute things in it. Happy sewing, and can you even believe it is close to being fall?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is the kitchen I want in my cottage! --House Beautiful--

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Enough painting....let's get back to some sewing! This is a sneak peak of the table topper coming out in the Fall issue of Quick Quilts this month. These colors are soft and muted!
This is a color variation I did for a local fabric store with their BRIGHT fall, as soon as the magazine is out, I will show you the entire cute!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Many of you are old enough to remember Mod Podge from the 60's and 70's....some of you are not! It is a glue and can put it on just about anything! Learn more about it's history here. And see a women who uses it on everything here.
I had an old cork bulletin board, so I Mod Podged the cork, added scrap book paper, and Mod Podged over the top to seal it.
This is the paper up close....
Then I put it on the fronts of my new magazine holders, so they all look the same. Much better than the old black ones. I am actually sewing a project I will show you soon....I do other things besides paint everything in site! YEAH, my book is at the, September it will be available, I will tell you when you can get it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For those of you who know I am painting my sewing room, the color is called, Sea Foam Breeze...just a tadd blue for my taste...but I am not painting again!
See the little box with the 3/8 and C is a drawer I got at the Greenwood Mercantile in Kansas City, MO. It had to have been a drawer with nuts or perfect to keep my little paint bottles out of site.
I spray painted all my book/magazine holders Krylon Dove white, the one for plastics. I have always wondered how well that worked...and let me tell you, it works great! So for $8.00 I have all new, light colored holders! I thought about mod podge and scrapbook paper for the fronts...don't you think?
I am really in a "lighter color mode" lately. As you know I have painted anything I can get my hands on, I told my husband not to stand still or he would be next ! I think I am finished in that room, but never say finished right?
....speaking of painting, check here for a fun paint chip project
I almost forgot...I wanted to tell you about this cute site with fun, fast little projects!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Can you believe it is August already, June and July just flew by for me, how about you? I thought since I am not doing much sewing I would show what I sent for the Christmas in July Swap.
This is the bag I made which has a detachable Christmas bow so the bag can be used for everyday.
I embroidered this tea towel from the Hill pattern #416 Twelve Days of Christmas Tea Towels. I also love their #232 Cottage Flower Pot tea towels, and
# 239 Grandmother's tea towels....these ladies have ALWAYS had patterns and deigns that I have loved over the years.
This is how the loot looked before I mailed it to Shelley in Australia. It was a fun exchange! Thanks Linda and Stephanie for hosting it!