Monday, July 13, 2009


Friday I stopped at a yard sale, and there was nothing I ventured over to the local thrift store. I might find something fun every now and then....and sometimes not at all.....BUT FRIDAY, I scored BIG! I found this cute pink shell dish. There were 3 of them for $1.50 each. I thought to myself...."I only need one, I will put buttons or something cute in it from my sewing room." When I got home and saw how really sweet it was, I RAN back to the thrift store, hoping someone else didn't buy the other two!
THEY WERE THERE! I was so happy. They fit together to make a little fan shape. My grandmother had dishes like these...this set, may have had a round center may have had one more leaf piece....however, they will look great at dinner with condiments just the way they are!!
Then, I happened onto these plastic wall decorations.....they were pretty ugly....however, there were 4 of them.....$.50 each....who prices this stuff?
I imagined in my mind how wonderful they would look spray painted.
CREAM of course....And then, I helped them with my good friend, "STAIN!" You see, you can stain anything that you can paint. I love this is so dimensional!
How about this Petunia? The stain really brought out the little buds. I don't know this next flower, but it doesn't looks better stained!
And then the rose....who could not love this rose? It turned out so good!!!! NOW, where to hang them? I will have to do a little auditioning!! Do you think my husband will hold them up all around the house?Now, don't think that is all....I found a red skirt for $3.00 and a button up the front, cotton blouse for $4.00...... two Melamine plates, one line green, one pink for my grandchildren, $.25 each.....and two glass tumblers for $.50 each.... all for less than $20.00!!! I don't usually have that good of luck in one day...but the Thrift Store Gods were good to me today!!! Hope your day is happy too.....not much sewing going on here lately...editing for my book!
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