Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is where my little sewing table goes...This is my little sewing table that was once a TV. Some gentleman made drawers to go where the speakers were...put a top on and went to a lot of trouble. The drawers are all trimmed out with little molding, and are lined with metal...a lot of work. For those of you who are young...yes, TV's used to be this big and bulky...and did not have a remote! Of course, you knew this part was coming....I am painting the sewing table and going to have my husband saw off the legs, it has been 2 inches too tall for years now. My sister will be happy, she hates to sew on it when she comes.
And because all the things from the drawers are on the cutting table, and my sewing machine is temporally set up at the edge of the cutting table for emergencies....I am painting; not sewing...stay tuned for the finished project.....and whatever you do, don't stand still near by or you may get painted too....."I AM PAINTING AND I CAN'T STOP!"