Friday, July 10, 2009


Funky Chicken by Becky L. Novosel, 2006. Now you ask, "What does this chicken have to do with a quilting blog?" It is an old painted cupboard door....I loved this artist's work and have bought several of her things at a craft boutique. I wish I could find her more old doors for her to paint. It is hanging on the glass door to my sewing see, this door is glass because the room is actually meant to be an office or den....but it is right off of my entry way, and you can see into my sewing room...which is not always tidy! I had my husband screw it into the wood door to cover up the top glass....yes, I know, he about had a fit too!!! I told him, if we ever move, we can fill in the screw holes with wood putty and paint.... I LOVE IT! It has been an inspiration for several patterns.

I love that Becky left the hinges on and painted over them.
This is another one, Folk Art Flowers. It was in my laundry room...but now resides in the newly painted guest room.
Don't you just love these butterfly hinges....I wish woodworkers still used them, they are so sweet.
So what patterns you ask? This Spring and Summer Pillow I did for Cotton Way.
See the bubble flowers? They are the shape of those bubble designs on the Funky Chicken.
This Folk Art Stars table topper also for Cotton Way.
This Star Burst Garden Quilt, it to for Cotton Way, which by the way does include the red border. Even though these are a few years old...I love them for fall and winter sewing!!
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