Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have to show you my latest Annie.... I did not intend to make her a ballerina, but I did intend for her to have this crown. My sister sent me a bag of pink goodies....old ribbon, old pink lace, a few yards of this tulle and the crown. (the crown is metal and has real rhinestones) I was going to make a 4th of July Annie with her crown.... when I got to looking at all that tulle, I couldn't resist.....I just kept adding more and more, and MORE!
Her face makes me SMILE! She is pretty froo-froo...she is for sale and will look good at the little shop I take my dolls to. If anyone ever wants a doll, let me know, I would make you one!! They are all one of a kind. I mostly use what I have in the sewing room. (She reminds me of Glenda the good witch on the Wizard of Oz...she just needs a wand!)