Thursday, June 4, 2009

WHY WAIT? GIVE AWAY!!! edit: plus one more!

EDIT: Did anyone notice this little symbol on my blog? We are having a give away for their new site too! Check out Sarah's blog! We will all love this new Sewn up site! I will choose a winner from all your comments for my personal give-away and one more for the Sewn up! I will tell you later what the Sewn up winner gets....I am still planning!!!!! Thanks for all your comments!
HELLO EVERYONE! This is my 97th post...why wait for the 100th to have a GIVE AWAY; what's a few more posts more or less? So here is how it goes.
1. Leave a comment about your most favorite blog, the one you go to when you need a "pick-me-up" doesn't have to be mine... it doesn't have to be about quilting....I have my favorite too! I'll tell you later what it is! (I want to make a list of fun places to visit, I will share the list later!)
2. Tell something about yourself we don't already we can get to know you better!

3. Visit Moda Bake Shop and see what date the post was for the Triple Irish Flower Quilt above....because that is the PRIZE! One of you lucky people will get my pretty Triple Irish Flower Quilt!!! (you need to scroll down to the end of the post)

Thank you for visiting my blog the past 7 months, it has been such a fun place to meet wonderful people. I remember the first time I saw someone have a give-away for the 100th post and thinking, "100 posts, is that really possible, would I have enough to say for 100 posts?" Well, it has happened because of you and your just keeps the blogging world going 'round!
p.s. Yes I will ship internationally.