Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have never liked the color of this guest I painted it the palest--most peachy--pink color...called Opera Pink. It is the color of your grandmother's face very soft! .....I really want to paint that rocking chair...what color do you think, creamy/white? Remember the little green dresser is in there too...(notice those awful gold walls!)I love it's little details. It has little plastic rollers on the legs so you can roll cute!
The color of course had to match the fru-fru (is this how you spell fru-fru?) bed skirt/prom dress skirt, and my new pillow shams with Jennifer Paganelli's fabric! (sure wish I could go to Jennifer's party today and tomorrow!)Remember the lamp I made a cute shade for? I painted the base fact I painted almost everything....
Not these cute flowers on the wall...they were already white!!
But this little picture frame!
That's my mom in the middle...I love that picture!
And this frame too! Now this room is a VERY cheerful soft and comfy!!

Mind you, I am sewing a darling Amy Buttler bag for my coats of paint....I will show you soon how darling the bag is! Come stay in my cute guest room, we will have a sleep over, eat chocolate, stay up late and talk; and maybe do a little hand work/sewing!