Monday, June 29, 2009


Now you are a part of my Christmas in July Swap.....of course I can only show you a small portion of what I am doing, because I don't know if the person receiving my gift reads my blog!!
I can't show you my whole Christmas project, but I thought I would share with you my little juice glass collection. Yesterday I went to get a glass out of the cupboard for a drink of water. All the glasses were in the dishwasher....but I have these cute little striped juice glasses, I grabbed on of took filling it up 3 times....then I remembered I have a larger stripped I went looking for it. That triggered a thought in my mind to show my blogger friends all my little glasses.
I don't even know where I got this obsession with juice glasses, my mom never had any....I don't even remember drinking out of them when I was a child...but I LOVE THEM! I only have 2 of these sweet ones.
Then a few years ago I started looking on Ebay for was one of the very first things I every bought from 5 of these cute ones with the little stem....SO DARLING...except, one accidentally jumped out of the cupboard one day and broke....poor thing.
Don't you just love these little tomato ones? I think they are so sweet. I saw some with cherries on Ebay that I desperately wanted....but they were a fortune....I should have just paid I need a few more? I seldom use them....although after yesterday that is changing!!! I do use them for special occasions....except the little stripped ones I showed you first....I have 12 of them...imagine...12 of the same color...that was an Ebay steal! I do use them, maybe because I have 12 I am not as worried if I break one.
I found these intriguing ones with the red dots...there were only 3 but who cares right? They are made from a very nice thick glass...some are so thin and the little red ones with the stem.I have 4 our these sweet rose ones. So cute!
Look at these little blue ones with the stem....they have knobby balls around the top of the stem.. I have 4 of these too! They are some of those fragile ones, but OH SO SWEET!
I have 4 of these little blue guys.....they seem like the gentlemen of the bunch! Not quite so dainty...

This set is the first one I bought....I was in Pierre South Dakota with my friend visiting her sister. We went to an antique store and I saw this was expensive....but I HAD TO HAVE IT!! I knew I would probably never see one like this again, so I bought it and have never been sorry!! It is my favorite and I do use this set a lot. Juice looks so decedent in this little pitcher with all the glasses around it. Perhaps this is the set that got me hooked...."thank you cute little set for getting me hooked!"