Friday, May 1, 2009


Speaking of C O L O R did any one's grandma have a chair like this where the little steps pulled out to make a step stool? Mine did. Grandma's was a ghastly green. I found this little treasure at the thrift store, it was a ghastly yellow, so I looked for some red Naugahyde and spray painted it (after doing a mile of taping.) I love it!
I would like to show you a picture of my darling green fabric shelf. I found this piece at an antique shop and I knew I wanted it for my sewing room. It weighs a ton and has all kinds of sentiments written in pencil on the was probably in some boy's bedroom...some are pretty funny. Please notice the lack of fabric..... My husband asked, "Does that mean you need to go fabric shopping?" I said, "Maybe!"
This is how the poor thing looked just a few hours before.....all my scraps just thrown in embarrassing! I sat and sorted for over and hour.... I was inspired by some one's blog that had gotten new shelves for her sewing room...(sorry, I can't remember who it was because I was blog surfing late the other night)
I don't typically buy fabric to store for a future project, but sometimes I will buy a piece of green, red, or yellow that is a "good color." However, I did have some pieces that were 1/2 yards or bigger that I was holding onto for......I don't know what. So I made three piles.
1. Large pieces to give to the local charity to make quilts; pieces that I wondered, "Why did I ever buy that?"
2. Smaller strips and pieces that my sewing friend will take to make scrappy quilts.
3. Keep for me because I will use that piece.
I am happy to say I gave a large black garbage bag to the charity, and an even larger black garbage bag to my friend....I could hardly lift it!
Speaking of color......Did anybody have a troll bank like this? My sister had a blue one. This is her outfit I made from felt when I was probably 12 years old. She has stood the test of time....(and so has the felt!) She keeps guard of my swap gift, and the sewing room!
This is the happiest picture I have taken in a long time....I love all those pencils together. So, what is colorful in your life?