Monday, April 20, 2009


YEAH here is it, my Pretty Please, Sis Boom fabric by Jennifer Paganelli!! I ordered it from Fabritopia and it came very quickly! I am going to make pillow shams for my guest bedroom. I really wish I were making a prom dress for me with a sheer organza overlay.....but who wants to be 17 again? Not me thank you! It will just have to be pillow shams!

I don't know if I told you all about the group of ladies I sew with every Wednesday? Well, just in case, ( and I can't remember!) I sew with 11 other ladies every Wednesday. We meet at each other's house, the hostess fixes lunch for everyone, so you only have to fix lunch once every 2-3 months. The food is ALWAYS good. It is amazing that we almost never have the same thing twice. We have sewn in this kind of group for 11-12 years. It is not cast in stone to go, but we try.
I am telling you all of this because I was talking to my daughter and said I may not be going to sewing day this week because I didn't have anything to sew on. Her reply was, "Nothing to sew on, I can't believe that." Well, this next picture is why.....This is my kitchen counter...not counting the kitchen table for the past few weeks.
You see, when you write a book, someone has to actually do the writing part. My lap top is in the kitchen, so I have this whole mess spread everywhere!

You have to have diagrams drawn, for people like us to follow along with the pattern. If I have applique; and I do, I must have the templates. I need a table of contents. And I need the directions for each project.....THIS is why I don't have anything to sew on....I am writing which is not my best skill and I don't want to start on a major sewing project right now......I did have photos of all these steps, but you could click on them and see all my hard must be patient and wait until the book comes out!