Monday, April 13, 2009


The west wind dances down the lane
and sets the robins winging;
It has a message sweet and plain,
for some folks hear it singing:
O hurry, gather daffodils! They're scattered over the hills
as thick as anything!
The little buds unfold again, in buff and white and gold again--
It's Spring, Spring, Spring!
The west wind races up the road
and sets the green grass sprouting;
It wakes the turtle and the toad,
and some folks hear it shouting:
O hurry, fetch your bat and ball, put on your oldest shoes of all,
and cap and everything.
It's turning fine and hot again, the boys are in the lot again--
It's Spring, Spring, Spring!

--Nancy Byrd Turner--

This is my contribution to SPRING, my new quilt from the SWEET fabric by Urban Chiks for Moda. I will have a pattern for it SOON! I just thought you might enjoy seeing it since it looks SO much like Spring to pink tulips are all about 3" out of the ground, I can hardly wait until they bloom!!! We are about 3-4 weeks behind the world for Spring..... has everyone already had tulips and daffodils?