Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Remember a little while back when I said I HAD to have some of the SWEET by Urban Chiks for Moda? Well, my SWEET sister brought me a charm pack!!!! I am SO happy!
I love all the colors and prints. I know it is almost a companion line to SWELL by Urban Chiks, so that will be great if any of you have left overs .....combine the two!!
Remember the cute chocolate I received from Diane for my swap? It is SO yummy!
My sister found a companion to match.
They are so cute together in my cupboard....and SOOOO good. I guess there are a few others as well. I will have to get them all!!
Then my sister and I went fabric shopping to a fabric store called The Gathering Place in Rupert, Idaho.....a 2 1/2hr. drive from my house...........BUT SO WORTH IT because that store is AMAZING....they have SO many great fabrics to choose from...it is VERY big!
Guess what I bought? Yes, PINK, and it is more SWEET! I just couldn't help myself. I have a super exciting soft project planned for this fabric. I will show all of you soon!I also bought these bright fabrics to make a darling skirt for my granddaughter..... It will be SO cute, I will show you when I get it done!!!
WOW, my sister, chocolate, fabric shopping!!! All in one day! Guess what we are doing tomorrow? SEWING!!!!!