Thursday, April 23, 2009


Angela at Moda Home Mom has challenged us to a Pay it Forward.....I have ALWAYS loved the idea of paying it forward. I heard a story years ago about a man who had a flat tire. Some other gentleman stopped and helped him. The flat tire guy offered to pay the man for this time and help. The gentleman's reply was, "Help someone else when you can." Then when that movie came out a few years ago, "Pay it Forward" ...I loved the idea that the boy thought he could make a difference.

This blogging world is a great opportunity to pay the goodness in your life forward! I will send a small gift to everyone who comments on my blog and posts this Pay it Forward symbol on their blog. Please make sure you have an email on your blog so I can get your physical address, or email me after you post....I know I am nuts, but what is the most number of comments I ever received? Mind you, it will be small and fit in the regular mail...but it will be FUN and CUTE!