Friday, April 10, 2009


Look at these fantastic fabric covered buckets Christine from Store & Style let me share with you! Can't you see these in your favorite fabrics in your sewing room with all you favorite things? I can hardly wait to get some bucket, maybe this weekend! I love them so much I had to share them. They are also featured on the Crafty Crow, you know I love that site!

This is my thrift store find for $5.00!!! It is the greatest addition to my sewing room and in MINT condition, all for $5.00.....boy do I love a deal!
These little cups are Melamine....that really hard plastic stuff dishes used to be made out of in the 1950-60!!! It was so great because it was unbreakable. Did any of your parents or grandparents have some? I think it came in EVERY imaginable color! I found them at the thrift store for just 25 cents each...they hold my little things in the sewing room.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, hopefully with family.